This past week Greyson Custom Builders began the development of property  at 100 S. Catherine Avenue (corner of Catherine and Cossitt) in LaGrange, Illinois.  The church and pavement that once stood on this property will be completely removed, leaving only a vacant half acre parcel of property.

The full lot size is 164 x 124.50.  It will be subdivided into three lots.  The two interior lots will be 53 x 124.5 and the corner lot will be 58 x 124.5.  Our development plan is simple.  It allows homeowners to purchase the lot of their choice.  We’ll jointly work together with new property owners to design and build their custom home, complete with the finishes they desire.

We’re contracted to close on the land and are reoffering each lot to prospective homeowners at $395,000.  This includes a bonus $45,000 credit towards the construction contract costs of their new home.  Construction can begin as early as late Spring.  So don’t delay.  Now that the church is gone, we’re experiencing considerable interest.